ppinch was born during a five minute phone call between Bologna (IT) and Nitra (SK) on Monday 12th November 2012. The dream has always been, and still is, to create a company where people would love to work.

ppinch core business is digital photography post-production for high volume e-commerces. Yes! We Photoshop a lot.

Over the last five years ppinch built up a rich understanding of digital post-production: technical training combined with hands-on experience of each client specific process ensure accurate artistic decision-making and problem-solving.


Know how, care and confidence

Cracking down Digital Production
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ppinch team is the real value of the company.
More than 50 youngsters (company average age is 26) are constantly learning and teaching to each other.
We strongly believe in open knowledge and sharing attitude.

We foster personal improvement with professional training, encouraging self expression and supporting personal ambitions.

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We work in an adaptable organisational structure. We believe in innovation through collaboration that can involve front-line workers in strategic decisions to have the ability to rapidly react to market changes, competition, emerging technology and shifts in customer and employee preferences.

Collaborative structures support this type of agility through improved communication and a greater ability to change.

Heterogeneity Wins

Equity and opportunities

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We are young, we are cool

We are a Team

Our shared value

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Very low turn over


ppinch thinks HUGE.
When starting to manage more than 8000 retouched pictures per day, you might want to deal with tracking, searching, checking, moving, comparing, uploading and downloading (technologic) a lot of data… and then came HUGE®.
ppinch created and keeps developing a software to manage the flow of millions of files every year.

We choose
every day the agile approach (scrum) with our internal software department to deliver continuous improvement and new features that enhance the User Experience for our team, clients and suppliers in a smart and excruciatingly efficient way.

Shoot Shoot

Bang Bang

Currently shooting in Nitra (SK), Milan, Brescia, Bologna (IT).

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