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We created Ppinch Academy to have a daily based accessible system for continuous improving

Ppinch Academy is an internal school to train all the professional skills needed for the complete digital production process. It teaches how to better use expertises and special tools, often internally developed.

All Retouchers, Camera Operators and Directors Of Photography study in ppinch Academy to became Authorised Ppinch Retoucher®, Authorised Ppinch Camera Operators® and Authorised Ppinch Director Of Photography®.

If you want to participate or would like to have more info, drop us a line.

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Ongoing Internal Workshops and Trainings
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Ppinch in Wonderland is a creative workshop, that inspires you to develop your creativity and technical know-how. 

From the moment we wake up in the morning until we close our eyes. We are accompanied by moments which are rich in various ideas. It is frankly unbelievable how we are able to creatively develop them. We have possibility to remake common to exceptional. We are forming our imagination and ideas and we are learning how to materialize them. It can happen, while going down the road which we took, we may be surprised by a lot of unknown and it is only up to us which tool we pick to help us reach our final destination. Acquired experience are moving us forward to help us becam masters in materializing our own ideas.

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